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Strip Tease :iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 0 5
Your Lost In A Hedge Maze
"You are trapped in a hedge maze. All around you in the night you hear the revving of chainsaws. You don't know how you arrived hear, but blaster in hand you set out, sure of only one thing; you must escape. You move with purpose through the maze but somehow no matter how you turn and search you only fall deeper in the hedges. You continue to hear the idling of chainsaws on the wind until, suddenly, the hedge in front of you explodes, dismembered by a man with a cage over his face. You feel the wood chips flying against your face and hands as he raises his weapon above his head and screams. You control your fear and tear into the man with your blaster, but its as though you are firing rubber pellets. Your knees buckle and you fall on your ass, scrambling backwards as he brings his chainsaw down like a broad sword. While he screams heaving his saw out of the churned earth you turn away and run, defenseless you are left with a single thought: if you don't escape this maze he will take yo
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 3 1
Unfurl your fist
Love isn’t kind. it won’t say sorry
for the bruises on your chest or the scratches
your fingernails left.
Instead it will whisper hunger into aches in
your wanderlusting feet while your hands clutch
at bitter empty air.
just because love Is a fire doesn’t mean its warm
love will harm if you won’t let it go.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 3 1
Tired Woman
I buried bones in my chest,
sunk into sunken clay,
that clings to the dust
from whence it claims.
dead clay and sunken bones,
I walk and talk,
Though i'm dead and gone.
Only in my head mind you,
day to day friends debone me
like a chicken remind me I,
am more than clay.
I ache for lands of sun and honeysuckle.
I can imagine no hell greater than living
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 9 4
No One Can Own The Moon
I'm eating dark, dark chocolate.
I once tied a string around the moon and called her mine,
but she wasn't mine,
and belonging to herself,
cut the string and rose,
all waxing and waning into the night sky.
She still glows and shines on me,
from time to time,
and i still love her.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 10 6
The Wind Kissed Hair
The wind was all blustery confidence,
as it danced in circles around the woman,
Her coppery cinder locks were flaring up
like a forest fire about to catch.
The young women stood on the hill
in profile of the setting sun
inky darkness against sky fire
in all the shades of crimson and murder.
Her Irish was up, just as the wind was
and tonight lost love would lose its life.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 6 3
Of Monsters and Men
We dance a tangled skein of iron and flesh combat.
brutal, there is no poetry or choreography,
but still there is dancing,
their claws rending through layers of living metal,
while our own mechanical monsters batter the living mountain sides
with iron hammers synchronized to our balled fists.
There is no art in this, the nightmare mouth
descending on a hunter, or the ripples of plasma
blooming on monsters hide.
Blue and black with bruises, with oil, with the blood of our enemy.
There is no art, no poetry, no choreography,
still, we dance to the death.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 6 3
The Night God Took Off His Clothes
The man wished that night,
that the Lord All Mighty
would step down from heaven,
to talk with him. But the man knew better.
There was no god; nor for that matter
were there answers.
So the man was a bit taken aback
when he stood and found God,
standing in front of him.
God said, in a voice of satin thunder
and the man sat,
as one was wont to do with God standing before them.
So the man sat, and God?
God started taking off the clothes
humanity had given him.
First he took off his gender,
God’s features softened
and his beard fell away.
Next God threw away, the stern façade humanity had fitted them with,
and suddenly there was no stern mentor in the room,
only the laughing face
of a best friend the man hadn’t met yet.
Then God dissipated their physical form into ether,
pooling in the man’s chest like a neutron star,
dense, powerful, but also beautiful.
The man who now held God in his chest,
felt at once the laughter of a lover,
the grandfather
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 7 11
On Poets and Strippers
The poet had no illusions,
as he walked through neon lit signs
and doors that whispered sin.
The poet’s friends called it a gentlemen’s club,
but truth be told there were no gentlemen here,
just the lonely and the desperate.
The poet paid in fives, disapproving Abrahams
dickering to ears that didn’t care that
this was a den of iniquity.
The poet had paid for a private dance,
no touching, just a lush body moving to the beat of the club.
As the stripper shrugged out of her top the poet found himself thinking,
for money this woman, was baring herself to him,
but wasn’t he the same?
Unwrapping layers from his secrets till they were free to see for
all who would pay.
His face flushed as he looked at the girl,
grateful that she took it for embarrassment.
The poet might tell his secrets to all who pay,
but even he had some that stayed tucked away.
The skirt, in the far back corner of his closet,
he had to wade through suits and button down shirts to reach it.
The truth
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 6 7
That was the day he decided he would take the drive. The air in his lungs felt so fresh as he walked crisply through that overgrown yard to his beat up old toyota. The door opened like a lovers arms and the boy in a mans body hesitated, hand on the buckle, before removing it and starting the car. She purred throatily at him, and he stroked the dash lovingly before checking his mirrors. The car rolls slowly out of the driveway and hesitates as though unsure of its course. The moment passes and the car begins moving down the road. They don't know when they will stop, but they both hope it will be never, that they can drive until the road runs out. Till the sun collapses, till the quiet settles over them like ash from a volcanic eruption. They'll stop, when theres nothing left and the boy? The boy will then lie down and be no more.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 5 1
Convenient Friends
I'll text you, she never did.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 6 19
Looking up at the Heavens.
I'm watching the news scroll by
like ticker tape of hate,
that always seems to say,
you will never rise up out of the dirt.
People walk through their lives like nothings wrong
And I scream to the night sky "We were meant for so much more".
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 10 15
What If
was just
seven seconds
of silence
on your voicemail
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 18 18
There Was a Girl, Another Girl.
You disgust me,
The lies and cheating,
Stolen broken hearts
returned as if new
and forgiveness expected,
it doesn't matter
that you are beautiful
that your form brings lust
into my veins
like rain to the earth
it doesn't matter that your voice
is like a scratchy
wool blanket
that warms me from the inside  out.
It doesn't matter if I lied
when I said I don't love you anymore
I can never let you
back into my life.
i miss you
so much
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 8 18
The Departed
I want to say hey,
but then I remember, you need your space.
Left here wondering if i should erase,
thoughts of you from my mind today.
I love you I want you, I know i can't have you,
the time has come to decide.
To move forward or backwards (can't move on to the hereafter)
Maybe i'll sit down and cry.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 12 7
I'm going to throw my words on this page
Artillery shell look-alikes.
:iconevenightsong:EveNightsong 5 0


A budding morrow
rests and breathes
  in the specks 
   of dusk
between your lashes.
  they shine 
within an earthly heaven,
   safe promise 
  of warmth.
Like a chestnut leaf
 through the pages
  of my restless story
you keep dreams 
and still.
Living proof
that firefly flames 
can give rise
to an eternal 
summer day,
  you are 
  the laugh of the forest 
 after rain.
In your gaze:
  ground castle
  on the edge 
  of the world,
is the dark
made small.
:iconalwaysraincheck:AlwaysRainCheck 25 70
College Poverty is the Next Big Fad
The world is sort of terrible all the time.
Salvador Dali's paintings are full of intrigue, but most feel hollow, paid for. Nighthawks has burned a lasting anxiety into my psyche. Art is raw and emotion. It is the abstraction with no true definition, the ticking fear creeping in the back of your mind.
When I see commercial paintings, I wonder if everything is bullshit.
:iconmusicinduceddaydream:MusicInducedDaydream 4 12
The Author is Dead
Please, I need your help. We're both in danger.
Do you see that corpse in the corner? The one with fluffy red hair? That's the author of this story, and she's dead. If you don't want the same thing to happen to you or me, you need to do everything I say.
Okay. First, turn off the volume on your device. The monster's still here, and it will attack if it hears you. Work quietly now...
We don't have words to waste, so I'll sum this up quick:
I'm the protagonist. You can call me Proto.
The writer invented a creature whose harpoon-like limbs could go through anything. While she was thinking of a way for me to beat it, one claw punctured the fourth wall, and her chest, then dragged her in. She died before giving me anything.
That hole in the wall is how I can see you. You're all I have left, dear reader.
All of my teammates have been killed off- the other bodies you see. It is still nosing around them. Hasn't noticed me hiding by the rubble.
If nothing changes by the story
:icondragoeniex:dragoeniex 271 119
Otachi :iconladylier:LadyLier 1 0 The Sun Says Goodnight :icontheemptychest:TheEmptyChest 11 4
Art Work Update:
Hello Everyone! 
Quick update: 
Fall semester is finally moving along! My clubs are all moving right on schedule, same with my class work. 
I pumped out about 15 tiny cups and a few tiny tea set accessories, so look forward for those ceramics updates! I've finally started getting back into the swing of things with my ceramics, so that's another positive note. 
I wrote out the first version of a flash-fiction today, but I'm not sure what I want to do with it. It is completely separate from my "Lip Ring and Hands" series; in fact, it's actually an autobiographical tale. Who knows, I just have to make up my mind. 
I hope you all are doing well :) <3 
I've got a good feeling about this year! I'm not going to let my anxiety or depression get the better of me. Even if it hits me, I know I can work through it. 
Semester Mantra: 
This too shall pass 
:iconmusicinduceddaydream:MusicInducedDaydream 1 0
my dad's heart surgery went well.
:iconstarlightcomet:StarlightComet 3 2
everything has a dark side
i wish to be a creature of scandal,
of red lipstick and cigarette smoke;
i want to be flora-veined and
fauna-mouthed, with train tracks
on my wrists and
knife wounds in my
mannequin ribcage --
when i die, feed me
to the butterflies.
when the butterflies die,
eat them.
:iconmagneticecho:magneticecho 23 12
Love From the Shadows
I loved you from the Shadows
I loved you in the dark
I saw every mistake you made
You could do so much better
Choose me
Let me be your reason,
your one and only
I watched you searching
I have always been here
Why have you never looked at me?
You party hard
Breaking hearts with a smile
Getting what you came for
but not what you need
There was a time I begged you
Choose me
See me
Accept my love
You declined
You used my feelings instead
Causing hope where there was none
Darkness swirls around you
leaving me confused and alone.
I reach out,
and stumble in the haze
Where are you?
What have you done to my heart?
I wanted so badly to be The One
I loved you from the Shadows
I loved you in the dark
In the haze of smoke and mirrors,
I realize I could do so much better
You don't realize how much I love you still
You'll never speak to me again
Some people are impossible to forget
I hope you find what You are looking for
We missed our chance
We have moved on
Now if only your memory would move out
:iconkittysib:KittySib 26 10
Remorse and Light
Thoughtlessly, I accept your friendship,
leaning on you when things get rough.
It never occurred to me that maybe,
you needed someone to lean on as well.
I bounce back from my darkness
only to find you broken and alone.
Did I do this to you?
Am I to blame?
I bounced back brighter,
because that's how I am.
Will you accept my offered friendship?
Take advantage of my shoulder-
it is available anytime.
Lean on me.
That's what friends do.
I want to build you up.
I will shine as brightly as I can,
hoping to pull you back to a better place.
I am strong-
because I have friends like you.
Let me be your strength.
I can handle it.
Follow the light to where I am.
Stand tall,
but not alone.
You are my friend,
and I will NOT abandon you!
I am here.
Waiting for you.
Hoping I can help somehow.
Shining to light the way.
See you soon!
:iconkittysib:KittySib 13 8
Feel it
I have given every sacrifice bled, lost freedom, became a monster just to protect you
Used every skill in human condition which we both know I qualify as an expert. Staying in captivity top three fears of life ( number 1. Become a sandwich number 2. Spiders and number 3. Held captive for any reason if escape was possible!
I laid in a drug haze in the prettiest cage with the key in my hand
My mentor saying hold on the cages break all of them even if you lose the key.
  One reason for all this 
To prove my love for you is existential everlasting not able to lose not even if you accidentally smothered me to death! 
So fuck you I won't die just so you can doubt my love again and always!
I m done with proof when you want lies like food I'm done with being a puppet show so you can lick your ever bleeding wounds cuz you really like the taste. No more professional help from me to feed my ego while you rot and say I'm healing! No darling no more if you don't see it ask a stranger
:iconcareyanne75:careyanne75 7 16
Depression :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 35,403 3,762
Abort Mission: I Can't Leave
I pussed out. 
I can't leave this site. 
I went to work this evening, knowing that I was going to have to delete all of my poetry from this site, and I just felt so depressed. I felt too upset thinking about leaving this site. 
I'm still going to be here, posting my smaller works, and I'm not going to delete any poems. I'll just keep looking for journals and magazines that will publish works that have been posted on personal websites. 
Now, with that being said: 
I will not be posting poems on here that I intend to send out for publishing from here on. I'm still going to form a personal contact list of writers from DevArt to send my works to for feedback. 
Basically, I'm still going to post on this site, just not pieces that I write with the intent to seek outside publication. 
Sorry I lied to you all. Please forgive me <3 
:iconmusicinduceddaydream:MusicInducedDaydream 3 16
I Feel Quite Smug
I sent that picture of me in front of the mirror that I used for my before and after comparison to my ex, and OH MY FUCK
He fangirled SO HARD
And then had a huge wave of regret for leaving me.
And I just was like "and that, bitches, is how we roll"
:iconthere-will-be-rain:There-Will-Be-Rain 2 9



EveNightsong's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Transwoman, bisexual, proud.

Just a sidenote guys. I appreciate if you want to watch me, but before you do, I have a request. Look at my gallery, see if you enjoy my art. I watch folks because I love their art, I wanna see more, and I want them to have some visible affirmation of that. I *will not* be offended, in fact, would appreciate it if you do not watch me back unless you legitimately want to see the poetry I put out. I appreciate that people want to reciprocate, but I don't ever want people to feel obligated to watch me because I watched them, that isn't the point xD.
End Rant.


Just wanted to share with you guys a little bit of my personal exprience with high anxiety.
ps. I may take this down later, I need to say this, but i'm not sure i want to leave it up for people to find.
Me: You look lovely today.
Me internally: Wow great job you may have made them uncomfortable. Your a judgemental asshole, they didn't ask for you to intrude into their lives.

Me:is there anything i can do to help?
Me internally: Jeez you are so selfcentered, this is about them not you, way to go asshole.

me: I love you.
me internally: Here's three ways that was controlling and manipulative, 5 ways that that was nothing but  cry for help, 2 ways that it was incredibly selfish to say that to them. You should be ashamed.

me: I don't deserve happiness.
me internally: Damn straight.
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